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Trace Measurement Ltd

Connect bottles as shown with a portable dissolved O2 analyser at the outlet of the last bottle.

The bottles have quick release self sealing tube connectors so are very easy to use

Water MUST enter at the bottom connector and  leave by the top connector

1) Use the gas outlet port on TraceO2 (outlet 1)

This will purge the bottles with pure CO2, typically this will take <20 minutes and will be complete when the value on the O2 analyser drops to less than 10ppb.


2) Disconnect tube from outlet 1 and connect it to the water sample outlet (outlet 2)

Turn the divert knob to allow carbonated water to flow through the bottles as shown for 40+ minutes

The water must be returned to the verifier to allow it to control the water back-pressure

3) The analyser should then display a value in agreement with the TraceO2 value and the user can then KNOW that the water in the bottles has a particular O2 value.

It is suggested that 3 bottles be filled at any one time:

If the first bottle tested agrees with your package analyser then go no further - verification has been achieved

If the first bottle does not agree then use the second and third bottles to check that the bottles are consistent

After piercing please remove the old screw cap and completely empty the bottle.

It can then left dry in this state until required - do not leave the bottle with a new cap if it is damp inside - this can encourage microbiological growth

Alternatively the bottles can be re-capped immediately after testing and connected to

TraceO2 to leave water passing through the bottles so they will always be ready for more tests

Silicone washers are available to fit inside caps, they are re-usable and will last for a very long while. In most cases these washers are not necessary but it depends on the existing cap liner

Filling Instructions