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Q: If verifier and analyser do not agree how do I know which is correct?

A: You cannot assume the verifier is correct, all you can be sure of is that something is wrong

In practice, as the verifier just remains on laboratory wall with filtered water passing through, it almost never fails.

When there is a disagreement you need an ACTION PLAN which would include servicing the  analyser, and if possible checking a number of analysers to see if they give different answers.

Trace Measurement service dept can supply an engineer for a site visit or can often resolve a problem by phone/email

Actually the most important reason for using a verifier is that if it and the analyser agree then you KNOW you can trust the answers you get when measuring beer

Q: What is the difference between a calibrator and a verifier?

A: A calibrator provides values to insert values into the analyser, a verifier checks that calibrated instruments are correct

If you simply calibrate an analyser you cannot know that the calibration is correct, you can only hope the calibration is OK


Calibrate the analyser using the manufacturers method, then check it is correct with a verifier

Q: Do I have to service the verifier?

A: No: There are no serviceable items in the verifier. Contracts are available whereby a service engineer will visit twice per year to check/adjust/service the system and issue a certificate to confirm it is operating accurately to national standards

We do require that the customer regularly change the water filters (supplied as part of the install)

This should be done approximately every 3 months  

Q: Do I have to make fine adjustments to the system?

A: No:  Gas and water pressures need only to be in a correct range for the system to work.

If anything is outside the correct range the instrument will advise you and not go forward until that input is adjusted.

As the range is wide you would generally not need to touch the verifier for months at a time

Q: Trace Measurement History and Customer Base

A: Trace Measurement was founded in 1989 and provides instrumentation to the brewing industry

Verifiers are installed in many major brewers in the UK & Ireland including





In the USA our products are represented by PROFAMO INC -  Los Angeles, California

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