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Trace Measurement Ltd

Sample Bottles

When piercing beer bottles to check Total Package Oxygen(TPO) it is hard to know if the TPO analyser is operating correctly

Our sample bottles are filled at the point of use with a known d.O2 level from a TraceO2 verifier

These sample bottles can then be immediately pierced on your TPO analyser

To be totally confident of the values use the method shown in the diagram

This does two very important things:

1) If the TraceO2 verifier and d.O2 analyser give the same value then you KNOW the reading is correct

2) Since there is a given O2 value going into the bottles and leaving them then you KNOW the value in the bottle is correct

Our sample bottles are re-usable, requiring only a new screw cap after each TPO test

Up to 6 sample bottles can be filled in series

The connectors on the bottles are self- sealing so are extremely easy to use

This system will work with all the major piercing / TPO devices except  the Orbisphere 6110 from the Hach Company

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